Saturday, May 28, 2022

Professional Hair Clipper! Affordable and Economical (Buddha Clipper)

I recently saw an ad by a dropshipper. That specific ad was advertising a hair clipper for RM90. It looked quite good and powerful, so the curious me Googled about that specific clipper.

Finally, I found that hair clipper being sold at Lazada for less than RM30!! . According to the stats, it has been sold for over 10k times in Lazada by a specific seller. Looks like it's not just doing what it says, but it is also having blockbuster sales.

It has been advertised as a Hair Trimmer/Groomer/Shaver, it has a LCD display for its battery power, it has adjustable sizes for different hair grooming, it has sharp blades, etc. 

Many of groomers of this kind have too sharp blades, which may hurt the skin. This specific clipper advertises itself as safe for the skin.

I bought one as a gift to my local barber and here how it looks out of the box;

Here are more pictures;

If you have noticed the last picture, this clipper is being powered by a lithium battery which is removable. This means the battery can be swapped anytime to reenergize the clipper. 

I would advise everyone to have a try with this nail clipper/shaver. So far, it does what it advertises just for tens of bucks. Have a blast!!

This professional nail clipper is selling like hot cakes in Lazada for less than RM30.

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