Sunday, April 23, 2023

Artic Hunter - Bagpack and Travel Accessories Store

Arctic Hunter is a brand that produces backpacks and travel essentials. The brand includes the sub-brands Arctic Hunter, Golden Wolf, and Super5. Arctic Hunter is a global brand that offers a vast range of products for quality and innovation. The company has been producing world-class bags since 2009, catering to the unique needs of commuters and travelers.

Arctic Hunter aims to be the number one backpack choice for all travel communities in Malaysia. The company serves different categories of travelers, including business professionals, urban-duty travelers, digital-leisure travelers, and heavy-duty backpackers. The company is dedicated to showcasing the best quality essentials to serve the distinct and unique needs of its travel community.

Artic Hunter sells a vast range of bags and travel essentials for commuters and travelers. The brand includes Arctic Hunter, Golden Wolf, and Super5, and has been around since 2009. The products include backpacks, briefcases, 4-wheel trolley bags, multi-functional sling chest bags, and more. They also have a 15.6-inch laptop backpack that is anti-theft and waterproof. The company is committed to quality and innovation and has 108 design patents and 10 years of OEM experience.

Arctic Hunter products can be purchased from various online retailers such as Walmart, Newegg, Shopee, Lazada and Alibaba. In Egypt, Rahala is the exclusive agent for Arctic Hunter, and their products can be purchased through their website. Additionally, Arctic Hunter has its own website where customers can purchase their products directly. The website has a range of products, including backpacks, sling bags, wallets, and more. Customers can also find Arctic Hunter products in physical stores by using the "Find Us" feature on their website.

Arctic Hunter products are known for their quality and innovation. The brand has been around since 2009 and has a vast range of products for commuters and travelers. According to the Arctic Hunter SA website, the brand is dedicated to showcasing the best in quality essentials to serve the distinct and unique needs of their customers. The website also mentions that the brand focuses on the practical utility of each bag, followed by the judicious selection of the material that is precisely focused on balancing cost and versatility.

Additionally, there are reviews of specific Arctic Hunter products that mention their quality. For example, the Arctic Hunter Backpack IV is described as another quality product from Arctic Hunter, a well-established and highly reputable manufacturer specializing in backpacks and bags. The Arctic Hunter Weekender is also described as a high-quality sustainable wool and leather enforced exterior bag, built to last and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Overall, Arctic Hunter products are known for their quality and durability.