Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Straw that Breaks the Camel's Back - 3 Mainstream Camel Brands

I was searching for the legendary Camel Trophy merchandise when I stumbled upon a different Camel brand which ships from the Mainland(China). Searching further, I also found the Camel Active brand which has a lively store on Lazada.

1. Camel Trophy
Camel Trophy was an off-road vehicle oriented competition that was held annually between 1980 and 2000, and it was best known for its use of Land Rover vehicles over challenging terrain. The event took its name from its main sponsor, the Camel cigarette brand. There is no online store on the web for this brand. More thorough searching, there are a few vintage products from this brand online, but no official website or store. This brand has probably stopped production since the off road vehicle competition has ceased. 

2. Camel Active
Camel Active is a German brand which started in the 1970s. It has no official association with the official Camel Cigarette brand. Today, the “camel active” umbrella brand comprises clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, eyewear, watches and underwear. Currently, camel active is sold at 11,000+ outlets in more than 50 countries worldwide. You can visits it's Lazada Store here.

3. Camel
Camel is a relatively new brand with it's headquarters and manufacturing plant in Mainland China. This brand mainly specializes in camping and hiking gear. You can visit it's Lazada Store here.

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