Saturday, May 28, 2022

KEMEI Hair Clipper KM1407 3in1 (Blockbuster Sales)

Hair clippers are definitely essential in our day to day use. There are clippers which cost thousands of dollars, while the are clippers which cost only a few dollars which has the same functions.

I found a clipper in Lazada which costs only RM20, which have functions like a premium clipper. This specific clipper has done tens of thousands in sales from one seller alone. 

It has a carbon steel cutter head, fits the skin, does not decay due to rusting, does not hurt the skin and trims quickly and conveniently.

It comes with 4 length limit combs, and the user is free to adjust the length limit. Nose hair can also be trimmed with this cutter, and it does not hurt the inner nose skin.

It comes in black colour. It weighs 131grams, takes 8 hours to be fully charged, and it comes with a cleaning brush, user manual and charging cable. It works for 60 minutes on a full charge. It is also silent while in use, means users would not need to endure a noisy clipper while trimming.

For a clipper as functional like this, the price tag is definitely a bargain. It is available at Lazada.

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