Tuesday, April 19, 2022


This site's domain name was purchased as a joke, I never thought it will turn out to be useful. Due to the unprecedented rise of online commerce in Malaysia, Shopee rose to become a household name and its website became one of the most visited websites in Malaysia. Hence, with the issues being face by Online Commerce in Malaysia(counterfeiting, scams, fake reviews, imitation products, piracy, snake oil products, etc), I have decided to put this domain name into Good use.

This website is in no way linked, funded or initiated by Shopee( In Malaysia and everywhere else). 

This domain name is privately owned and is currently being self-funded by an individual in Malaysia.

Rather than creating another site complementary to online shopping platforms, this site would serve as a vocal critique to these platforms. The headlines would always be "What you shouldn't buy on Shopee/Lazada", outlining the outcast sellers and snake oil products dominating these shopping platforms. 

We will go deep into each outcast seller marketing strategy, and how they procure their dysfunctional products. Stay tuned!

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